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Meet Our Team

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Chris and Melissa Jeffries - Owners

Chris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Central Missouri. He initially started in commercial construction and quickly realized a passion for residential home building. He started his own home building business almost 20 years ago, and his innovative plan designs as well as his eye for detail have allowed him success across Missouri and Kansas. Melissa has been designing and furnishing models for 15 years. She has a great passion for home furnishing and architecture.


Chris, Melissa, and the JFE team enjoy working closely with clients to make sure they receive the level of attention they deserve while building their new home. Their work together has given JFE Construction the honor of winning multiple Parade of Homes awards for the Home Builders Associate of Greater Kansas City.

View our most recent 2023 Spring Parade of Homes Awards:

JFE Construction, #210 - Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City (

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We take great pride in working with our clients to make their new home experience a rewarding and pleasurable one. 

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